Increased my route and did 20 miles today! The Hill Topper electric bike kit is still working beautifully!  I stopped at the library and filled up my baskets with books and make it home in less than a hour.
It's funny, I have driven my car on this route so many times, yet I never saw all the interesting houses or landscapes before.  That's the thing about riding a bike, especially when you are not having to peddle when you are tired, you can really enjoy your surroundings.

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I am learning how to use the Hill Topper Elec Bike Kit

Had a great ride yesterday!  Only used my Hill Topper 4 times for the hills, which I went up with ease and a few pulses when I got tired on some little inclines.  I stopped at the store and picked up a few things which made the pull a little harder.  Good workout and a great test for the electric conversion kit.  I never could have done this before!
I have my next route planned out that will add 5 miles to my route tomorrow.
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