What You Get With A Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit

Okay..so what do you get with a Hill Topper Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

For $399 you get a complete wheel; tube, tire and rim and motor. You will be replacing your front wheel on your bike, so you select what size you will need when you order; and yes, they can customize or help you do it if you have an odd size bike or want a special hook up).
The wheel has the motor on it, a sealed (protection from the elements) hub motor that is brushless, 250watt, 24 volts that goes up to 15mph.
Battery pack (10 mile), on/off grip switch and 110-240v (50-60hz) auto shut off battery charger.

There are 2 wires from the wheel, one to the battery pack that you attach to a convenient spot on your bike (I put mine behind my seat) and the on/off switch which you attach to the handle bar for easy reach.  That's it.  Takes just a few minutes to put it on and you are ready to roll!

They also have batteries for longer distances, 20 mile and 40 mile and of course, they cost more.

The shipping is usually around $25-$30 dollars.

I have logged about 680 miles so far on mine, and have had no problems.  I now ride 3 times a week, 20 miles each.  I only use the battery when I need to, up hills or for a bit of assistance if I get tired (sometimes I stop at the store or library and so am hauling a little more weight.).

I am 64 years old, and would highly recommend this to other seniors or people who would not get their exercise otherwise.  I am in much better shape before I got this and honestly, my bike would be still gathering rust in the shed without the electric bike kit!

With the holiday's coming up, some of you might consider this for a gift!  Don't forget to use this code to get a discount at checkout when you buy one at Clean Republic (or if you call in your order, tell them you have it)  discount code is:    lisaolson

Happy Biking!
HillTopper electric bike kit
Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit