Studded bike tires okay with the Hill Topper Ebike Kit

Now that winter is coming on, many of you hearty souls ride your bikes in the snow and ice.  The question you might have is, "can I use the Hill Topper electric bicycle kit on snow and ice?"
Yes you can! You can get studded tires and use your converted ebike, many do.  Of course, you must be careful and never go too fast!  I would say this is for more experienced bikers, but that's just me.

As to the battery in cold weather, it should be fine.  For very cold temps however, go ahead and wrap it up.  The hub motor should not have any problems with the cold.

You can get your Hill Topper discount to purchase your kit here (it will load into your shopping cart automatically when you check out, and shop studded bike tires here at Amazon.

Stay safe and warm this winter!