UPDATE!  Hill Topper complete bikes now available! 
I have gotten a lot of people asking lately if I still ride by bike with the Hill Topper kit on it, and if I still recommend it.  That's a big YES!  I am still using the second battery pack I bought as well, although I think I will need a new one by the end of the year.  And yes, my discount coupon code still works for you!  Follow this to the Clean Republic website, and when you check out your discount will be shown.  Have fun, and keep riding! 

Fall Is A Great Time For Riding An Ebike!

Fall is almost here! We seem to have passed through a very wet late summer, with our monsoons, and great thunderstorms.  It was a wet one!
Now I am eager to get back to riding my ebike 3 times, at least, a week, so I will be in good shape come winter.  If you are thinking of converting your old bike to electric motor assist, I encourage you to do what I did and get a Hill Topper ebike conversion kit, like I did.  I have never been sorry.  It is going on 2 yrs now, and except for buying an additional battery (for longer trips, and so I always have a back up charged in case I forget to plug it in when I am done riding) it's the orginal kit.
It's still the best; easiest to install, and cheapest overall.  They still start at $399, unlike some other ready made ebikes that had a huge jump in price recently.  Also, I have a discount for you that will help with the cost.  If you click on this link, it will take you to Clean Republic (a Seattle, USA company) where you can get all the info.  The discount will automatically load to your check out cart when you purchase.
I wouldn't put this off, especially if you intend to commute on your ebike to work to save money.  If you are like me, and use it to stay fit, and save money on little trips around the neighborhood, you also save gas and wear and tear on your car.  The gas I have saved has paid for my kit twice over.
Here is your discount link to go to their site: Clean Republic Hill Topper Ebike Conversion Kits Discount


How to use this Hill Topper discount code when buying your ebike kit

After several people asked, I thought I had better leave a little note here to help those who are not sure how to use the discount code for their Hill Topper Ebike kit from Clean Republic...it's easy as pie!

Follow the link below that will take you to their website.  Select the type of ebike kit you want, provide the tire size, etc that they require.  At check out, your discount should appear already in your shopping cart when you finalize your payment.  Nothing you have to do if you use this link:

Hill Topper Discount

Pass this on to anyone you know who is going to buy one.  Also use it to buy a spare battery.  I wish I had thought of that before..makes longer trips possible or if I forget to plug in my battery after a ride, I have one ready to go.

Learn more about ebikes:  Discount Ebike Kit


It's Spring and a new Hill Topper Review website!

Hey..it's beginning to look a lot like Springtime!  Our days are gradually getting warmer, so I have started riding my ebike pretty regularly again.  Feels great after so many months of cold, rain and whatnot.
Here is a new website review of the Hill Topper conversion kit with general information on ebikes that will help those of you who want to learn more about them and are trying to decide whether to buy one or not.

Check this site out: Best Ebike Kits At Best Prices
You can also get a Hill Topper discount coupon code there to help lower the cost of a conversion kit.

I saw there that Currie now is selling bicycle conversion kits, but they are only for 26" wheels and seem to be a lot harder to install from the product specifications and reviews I read on Amazon.  Also, the front wheel kit is over a hundred dollars more than the Hill Topper.  The cheaper one they have is for rear wheel installation and that involves some more mechanical knowledge than I personally care to get into.

If any of you have tried it, let me know what you think.

Happy riding!

Tax Refund Idea: Buy A Hill Topper Ebike Kit!

Many of you have a nice tax refund coming your way in the next few months and are thinking about what you want to do with it. Make it something that will last, and something you will always be glad you spent the money on. Buy a Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit, and make this the year you get your body back in shape, while saving money! Those of you who can ride your bike to work will save a ton of money in gas and wear on your car. You will pay for the kit in no time! Read down my blog here to learn more about the Hill Topper, which is the best kit on the market, in my opinion (I have been using mine for over a year now). I have never regretted getting it. The Hill Topper ebike kit from Clean Republic is a good investment and you will enjoy riding a bike again, I am sure! For those of you who are older like me (I am over 60) and who are afraid that the ebike goes too fast, remember that you only use it when you need it, like going up hills, and by using a "pulse" action, rather than keeping it on, you control how fast you go. The motor is to assist you when needed, not to be on all the time! So, enjoy getting exercise again, save money, and use that bike you have forgotten about that has been sitting unused in storage, or your garage. Get a Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit. It installs in minutes (anyone can do it)and you will not regret spending your money on it. Pay less! Click here to automatically load my discount coupon code that will reduce your cost in your shopping cart when you buy it at Clean Republic. 

What Is A Good Ebike?

I have been telling you for awhile now about the advantages of converting your bike to electric with the Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit from Clean Republic.  Now that we are into the new year, and most of us have made our resolutions..how many of you declared you are going to lose weight and get fit?  I do it every year, but until I hauled out my old bike from the shed and installed the Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit (just takes a few minutes), I never followed through with my resolutions.
Riding a bike several times a week or more is a great way to get fit, and if you combine it with necessary trips to the store, or commute to work, you can save a ton of money at the same time.
When I researched electric bikes, I looked a several kits too, but most seemed way to complicated to install with tons of parts to put together.  I looked at the complete bikes and noted the price, and lack of tweaking you could do with them.  Then I found the Clean Republic site and after reading all of the reviews and talking to someone who had one, I decided that was right for me.  I could use my old comfortable bike, and for less money be motorized right away.  Another great thing about the Hill Topper is that you can remove the kit very quickly and toss it in the back of the car and install it when you get to your destination.  I took my kit off my bike and down to a friends house and put it on her bike so she could ride it and see what it was like.  She bought one the same day after trying it out.  Now she has a folding bike, and takes it on trips so she can ride where ever she goes.
I use mine for tooling around town, to the Library (I go there once a week), to the stores, etc; and save a lot of money, besides getting in a pleasurable work out.

Learn more about it, and get my exclusive discount coupon code when you purchase by going here to Clean Republic.  Your code should automatically be loaded in your shopping cart when you purchase your kit. 
Enjoy your new ride and make your resolution to get fit and save money a reality this year!
The Hill Topper Bicycle Conversion Kit
This is the kit..a bike with a motor on the hub, the wire to your handle bars with the on/off toggle and the battery.  Just replace your front tire, attach the 2 wires to the bars and back of your seat and you are all set to ride!
Read my other blogs on how to use it properly to get the max of use or visit Clean Republic.  


Studded bike tires okay with the Hill Topper Ebike Kit

Now that winter is coming on, many of you hearty souls ride your bikes in the snow and ice.  The question you might have is, "can I use the Hill Topper electric bicycle kit on snow and ice?"
Yes you can! You can get studded tires and use your converted ebike, many do.  Of course, you must be careful and never go too fast!  I would say this is for more experienced bikers, but that's just me.

As to the battery in cold weather, it should be fine.  For very cold temps however, go ahead and wrap it up.  The hub motor should not have any problems with the cold.

You can get your Hill Topper discount to purchase your kit here (it will load into your shopping cart automatically when you check out, and shop studded bike tires here at Amazon.

Stay safe and warm this winter!