Fall Is A Great Time For Riding An Ebike!

Fall is almost here! We seem to have passed through a very wet late summer, with our monsoons, and great thunderstorms.  It was a wet one!
Now I am eager to get back to riding my ebike 3 times, at least, a week, so I will be in good shape come winter.  If you are thinking of converting your old bike to electric motor assist, I encourage you to do what I did and get a Hill Topper ebike conversion kit, like I did.  I have never been sorry.  It is going on 2 yrs now, and except for buying an additional battery (for longer trips, and so I always have a back up charged in case I forget to plug it in when I am done riding) it's the orginal kit.
It's still the best; easiest to install, and cheapest overall.  They still start at $399, unlike some other ready made ebikes that had a huge jump in price recently.  Also, I have a discount for you that will help with the cost.  If you click on this link, it will take you to Clean Republic (a Seattle, USA company) where you can get all the info.  The discount will automatically load to your check out cart when you purchase.
I wouldn't put this off, especially if you intend to commute on your ebike to work to save money.  If you are like me, and use it to stay fit, and save money on little trips around the neighborhood, you also save gas and wear and tear on your car.  The gas I have saved has paid for my kit twice over.
Here is your discount link to go to their site: Clean Republic Hill Topper Ebike Conversion Kits Discount


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