How to use this Hill Topper discount code when buying your ebike kit

After several people asked, I thought I had better leave a little note here to help those who are not sure how to use the discount code for their Hill Topper Ebike kit from Clean's easy as pie!

Follow the link below that will take you to their website.  Select the type of ebike kit you want, provide the tire size, etc that they require.  At check out, your discount should appear already in your shopping cart when you finalize your payment.  Nothing you have to do if you use this link:

Hill Topper Discount

Pass this on to anyone you know who is going to buy one.  Also use it to buy a spare battery.  I wish I had thought of that before..makes longer trips possible or if I forget to plug in my battery after a ride, I have one ready to go.

Learn more about ebikes:  Discount Ebike Kit


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