What Is A Good Ebike?

I have been telling you for awhile now about the advantages of converting your bike to electric with the Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit from Clean Republic.  Now that we are into the new year, and most of us have made our resolutions..how many of you declared you are going to lose weight and get fit?  I do it every year, but until I hauled out my old bike from the shed and installed the Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit (just takes a few minutes), I never followed through with my resolutions.
Riding a bike several times a week or more is a great way to get fit, and if you combine it with necessary trips to the store, or commute to work, you can save a ton of money at the same time.
When I researched electric bikes, I looked a several kits too, but most seemed way to complicated to install with tons of parts to put together.  I looked at the complete bikes and noted the price, and lack of tweaking you could do with them.  Then I found the Clean Republic site and after reading all of the reviews and talking to someone who had one, I decided that was right for me.  I could use my old comfortable bike, and for less money be motorized right away.  Another great thing about the Hill Topper is that you can remove the kit very quickly and toss it in the back of the car and install it when you get to your destination.  I took my kit off my bike and down to a friends house and put it on her bike so she could ride it and see what it was like.  She bought one the same day after trying it out.  Now she has a folding bike, and takes it on trips so she can ride where ever she goes.
I use mine for tooling around town, to the Library (I go there once a week), to the stores, etc; and save a lot of money, besides getting in a pleasurable work out.

Learn more about it, and get my exclusive discount coupon code when you purchase by going here to Clean Republic.  Your code should automatically be loaded in your shopping cart when you purchase your kit. 
Enjoy your new ride and make your resolution to get fit and save money a reality this year!
The Hill Topper Bicycle Conversion Kit
This is the kit..a bike with a motor on the hub, the wire to your handle bars with the on/off toggle and the battery.  Just replace your front tire, attach the 2 wires to the bars and back of your seat and you are all set to ride!
Read my other blogs on how to use it properly to get the max of use or visit Clean Republic.  


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