Tax Refund Idea: Buy A Hill Topper Ebike Kit!

Many of you have a nice tax refund coming your way in the next few months and are thinking about what you want to do with it. Make it something that will last, and something you will always be glad you spent the money on. Buy a Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit, and make this the year you get your body back in shape, while saving money! Those of you who can ride your bike to work will save a ton of money in gas and wear on your car. You will pay for the kit in no time! Read down my blog here to learn more about the Hill Topper, which is the best kit on the market, in my opinion (I have been using mine for over a year now). I have never regretted getting it. The Hill Topper ebike kit from Clean Republic is a good investment and you will enjoy riding a bike again, I am sure! For those of you who are older like me (I am over 60) and who are afraid that the ebike goes too fast, remember that you only use it when you need it, like going up hills, and by using a "pulse" action, rather than keeping it on, you control how fast you go. The motor is to assist you when needed, not to be on all the time! So, enjoy getting exercise again, save money, and use that bike you have forgotten about that has been sitting unused in storage, or your garage. Get a Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit. It installs in minutes (anyone can do it)and you will not regret spending your money on it. Pay less! Click here to automatically load my discount coupon code that will reduce your cost in your shopping cart when you buy it at Clean Republic. 

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