Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit Discount Coupon and Review

I was researching the best electric bike kit to convert my old Schwinn and found a discount coupon code everyone can use for the Hill Topper conversion kit, by Clean Republic: lisaolson.  (Follow the link and the discount should automatically load when you purchase a kit, but you can also type it in manually at checkout).  I was astounded how easy it is to install compared to the others out there.  And, the price was much better.

I didn't want to have to fiddle with a ton of parts to assemble while paying the prices I saw for other kits.  I also was impressed with Clean Republics reputation and devotion to their products and customers.  Beat the rest hands down.  I was able to get a discount coupon code (lisaolson) as well from the site linked to here. The SLA battery is a little heavy at 11 lbs, but its quiet and powerful enough for me. I don't have to remove it often, just when I recharge it.
I would truly recommend the Hill Topper conversion kit to convert your bike to electric.  I could no longer pedal up hills or go on long rides so my bike was just getting dust in the garage until I changed over to the electric bike.  It's a god send, and I am now riding all over town and enjoying it.  Saves gas on trips to the store and post office too! Go here, read the article and if you click on the coupon code it will automatically load at check out, or you can just type it in.

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  1. electric bikes are surely the future, i am 65 and i couldnt get by without mine now, those hills are no longer a challenge, i got mine from bike discounts uk and i was more than happy with the price and final product. well worth checking out and i am very much pro electric bikes.