How To Use The Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit To Avoid Problems

One thing I have heard from people who are afraid to try the Hill Topper electric bike kit, is that they heard the bike might go too fast for them, or that the battery will not last long. 
Most problems like that happen because people have not used the electric motor properly.

You should only engage the motor after you have started moving, after you started pedaling, and then only use it when you need to, like going up hills or inclines that are difficult for you.

You should turn it off as soon as you get up to a comfortable speed, and when going down hill.  Sometimes I get tired, even on small inclines (I am 64 years old and have a bad back) so I might just turn it on just long enough to give my pedaling a boost to ease the strain.  Kind of like a "hit" of power now and then.  You don't have to move at 15mph; you CAN control your speed to one that is comfortable for you.

Although I have had the Hill Topper on my old bike for quite awhile, I just recently committed myself to a riding program of riding 20 miles 3 times a week.  Now that I am riding on a schedule, I am getting in better shape, and know how to use the Hill Topper more effectively.

I always have plenty of "juice" left in the battery after my 20 mile ride, even though I probably use it more than a younger or more fitter person.  And because I don't over use it while riding, or use it when not pedaling, the battery will have a longer life.

Remember, for long battery life, never use the battery when you are not pedaling!

Check out this video for a good explanation:
Hope that answers those questions for those of you who are wary!  If you want to buy one, go to Clean Republic, here and use my Hill Topper discount coupon code: lisaolson


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  2. That's what impressed me so much too with Clean Republic. They have always been so helpful, and patient with me and my questions and explained what I needed to know very simply.